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History Behind Quings

Male seahorses are the only males in the world that experience pregnancy and give birth. So it mentally challenges the stereotype about male and female " gender roles " within society. The crown represents the bond in your private kingdom between you and your life partner.

Story Time

I've always wanted a unisex clothing line. In the beginning, I can admit I just didn't know who my target audience would be, or what I was actually going to design. I started designing in class, in the best & worst critic's class at that. This specific teacher did not like anything .. like EVER !! Lol. But this particular day I got lost in designing while she was walking around the classroom and by the time she got to my computer, her comment was " oooouuu .. what is that ?!?! I like it ". She proceeded to walk away and continued on with her lecture. For the simple fact that she liked the little bit that she did see, only inspired and motivated me more. One design led to another and the ideas kept coming randomly. I designed for two years before I listened to my peers advice and actually followed through with the clothing line store.

So through out that time I figured out that not only would my clothing line be unique and different. And that's what we plan on continuously doing.

Mission Statement
Designs that create a simple look yet provide an internal expression to be represented externally.
Innovative Designs

Our goal is to provide our customer's with a materialistic voice that helps them express and represent themselves.

Quings Thoughts

In fashion, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I aim to bring you something new .. refreshing, comfortable and uniquely different to your fashion statement.